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Thread: Old 2.1E Wii complete softmod help

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    Old 2.1E Wii complete softmod help

    Hey guys so i bricked my wii some time ago and i got this one for 70 bucks and it's still at version 2.1, so what's the best order for installing all the hacks and cios and stuff ?
    Really need some help cuz i don't want to *EDIT* this one too lol.
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    first things first you need to get a game disk with a system menu update on it to get to FW3.2-4.2. not 4.3. then depending on what you go to follow one of the guides on here, theres a good one in the homebrew section which will do any wii from 3.2 right through to 4.3. use the search and you will find the answers you are after. read them right through and you cant go wrong.

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    which games have the 3.2 update?

    EDIT: yeah so i'm burning mario kart to upgrade to 3.2E.
    After updating and installing twilight hack which version should i stay on ?
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    4.1 u wanna be on search the site it knows everythink

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    Update to 3.2 and then use one of the guides here to update to 4.1 and you will all good....

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    Omg i forgot this wii has no modchip -. -
    soo.. maybe i must put my bricked wii's chipped dvd reader on this new one , they're both from around the same time and pal version , shouldn't be a porblem right?

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    Has your wii got a mod chip in it? Cos using a burnt wii game anti going to work to update. With a mod chip or soft mod it can't read a dvdr disk burnt on your computer. You will need to buy,borrow or rent a retail game disk with the update on it. I think Mario kart is a safe bet. Update to 3.2 then follow the guide I talked about to get you to 4.1 safely and everything will work like a charm. With that being an older wii you will be able to install bootmii as boot2 which means after you do a NAND backup you will be almost 100% brick proof, follow the guide and read right through before you start

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    Just seen your post you can just change the drive but if you had a modded drive how and why did you brick your first wii?

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    my other wii bricked when i was trying to make the wads run without installing, something screwd up ios60.
    yeah , i will change the drive

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    Another thing I've noticed you say the wii is 2.1e but you paidfor it in " bucks" I.e. Dollars, does this mention your in America or oz? Make sure you get your regions right when you update and mod

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