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Thread: Had a black screen, don't know what's going on now!

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    Had a black screen, don't know what's going on now!

    Hey Guys!

    My friend paid some guy to hack his wii and for a long time he was able to play all the games. Then he accidently updated his WII and had the black screen for a while. So his brother did something to his WII and now he's able to play, but only purchased/legit games. Can you guys let me know what I can do to get his WII to play pirated games again?

    I'm looking over the threads and I'm a bit confused with the NAND backup, HBC, and BootMii stuff. Can you guys please let me know what I can do or point me to where I can find information regarding to this?


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    so your wii is actually not bricked.
    look for the recommended guides section.

    find out what the systemmenu your wii is on now, startup wii->systemmenu tells you in a corner something 4.3U or similar.
    read a lot more before you come back

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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