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Thread: Games released after 2009 don't boot on my 3.1U hard modded wii

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    Us Games released after 2009 don't boot on my 3.1U hard modded wii

    I bought my premodded Wii almost two years ago.I don't know what kind of mod chip is installed on it,however visiting the wii serial tracker website suggests that my wii might have a D2C chipset onboard.
    It's a NTSC USA console,loader LU33,system menu version 3.1U.
    Only NTSC versions of Wii and GC games work on it.
    All wii games released upto the end of 2008 including Super Mario Galaxy1 work flawlessly,but games released after 2009 do not work at all.When I insert a disc nothing appers in the disc channel and when I go into disc channel it prompts me
    to update,so I just eject the disc and abort the update.After removing updates with brick blocker,the game image appears in the disc channel but after
    pressing start it just goes into a black screen.
    So my question is;
    1. Do games released after 2009 need newer firmwares which contain certain IOS's to work?
    And if that's the case,will updating my Wii's firmware to 3.2U solve the problem?
    2. Would installing IOS's be enough?
    I am reluctant to upgrade or soft mod my Wii,although I would love to be able to play WiiWare games.
    Any help would be appreciated and thnx in advance.
    PS: Please forgive me if this is considered spamming as I am new to all this and don't know where to post my problem.

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    Black screen = missing or out dated IOS file

    1. Some new games need updated IOS files. When you say "new firmware" you probably mean new/updated System Menu (3.1, 3.2, 4.1....). You don't need to update your System Menu, only IOS files. To 3.2U will not solve your problem, but to 4.2.
    2. Yes. Check this guide:

    If you want to softmod your Wii you can follow this guide:
    3.2E, Wiikey1 1.99, SD:1gb/HD:320gb, BootMii@Boot2, HBC 1.1.2, PriiLoader 0.8beta4, cIOSx r21 d2x-v10beta53, CFG USB Loader Mod v70r65, WiiMC 1.3.4
    Brick Prevention- Things you should never do
    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

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    Thank you so much riger, for your kind reply and the helpful links. I will study them carefully and will let you know what happens.


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