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Thread: Possible to use Ext HDD with existing partitions?

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    Possible to use Ext HDD with existing partitions?

    I searched and was unable to find an answer. I have a WD Passport (640GB 2.5" USB Powered) that has an existing 540GB Mac OS Extended partition, a 50GB FAT32 partition, and a 50GB NTFS partition. I don't need anything on the FAT32 partition, so I can delete everything and only put Wii stuff on there, but is it possible for me to access that partition through USB Loader DX? Or would I have to reformat everything and start from scratch?

    Thanks for the help guys!


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    i did my WD my book yesterday to 2 partiotions 1 ntfs as 1st and wbfs as 2nd and i could only seem to see ther first partiotion on wii from usb loader gx so deleted the ntfs and made wbfs my 1st partiotion and it see's it now dunno if tht helps you at all..

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    I used an existing partition when moving across to fat 32 wbfs loading for my usbloader
    I dont know if it because I use wiiflow but my usbloader can see all my partitions.

    As you question above asks. "would I have to reformat everything and start from scratch?"
    Answer is no
    all you have to do is check that the fat32 is formatted with 32bit clusters and made active (if not just format that partition only)
    and add games using either
    • wiigamemanager - more attractive game manager
    • wiibackupmanager - easier to use (my opinion not shared by many)
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