Revolution Engine is the very First homebrew 3D Game Engine for Wii. It is directly based on GX without any GL wrapper or anything similar. Natively designed for the Wii, this engine is probably capable of generating the best homebrew graphics ever seen on this game console.

This is not a game, but a library you can use to make your own 3D games for the Wii in a very easy way.

Current Features

Revolution Engine 0.5 Supports:

* 3D System
o Node based system, with virtually unlimited attach hierarchy levels
o Advanced transparency, z-ordered
o Custom file formats for 3D meshes, optimal use of resources
o Vertex lighting, software based
o Multiple cameras with multiple target viewports

* Material system
o Textured objects
o Diffuse color
o Diffuse maps
o Specular color
o Specular maps
o Transparency
o glossiness
o Specularity
o Mixed through TEV, Multiple TEV stages
o Multiple shaders

* 2D system, GX based (hardware rendered)
o Node Based, as 3d space
o Multiple layers
o True type texts
o Multiple Viewports
o Solid panels
o Image-based panels
o IR pointers for up to 4 players
o Buttons
o Transparency

* Miscellaneous
o Highly configurable
o Extensible design
Source- here