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Thread: D2Pro9V2 Wii Clip bundle - pre soldered

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    D2Pro9V2 Wii Clip bundle - pre soldered

    Hey all -

    Need some help from the experts here. I've purchased and installed the D2Pro9V2 Wii Clip bundle and I'm getting the solid red light. Can someone tell me if I have the right chip for my system? I'm hoping these pics will help.

    Here's my Wii

    Here's the chip, front and back. Do I need to jump something?

    Also, looks like I have some cut pins... is this a problem?


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    Looks right as compared to the details on wii-clip site


    You need to make you its loaded with the latest updates 2.3 HW & 1.6 SPI

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    Thanks for the reply... how do I confirm that it's loaded? Is there anyway it could have been erased if it was loaded?

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    not really a problem those pins
    update it for sure tot 2.3 to be secure
    and if he doest work remove the clk jumper and solder the "j" with the wire you recieved with the presoldered package

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    How do I load 2.3? Do I need some special device?

    Also, Modchipcentral just told me "You will have to remove the solder from points C, D, E and F on your Wiiclip in order for it to work."

    Does that sound right?

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    no just burn it to an dvd and let it load (if the chip works)

    and yes you need to remove them they are only needed for d2c , d2c2 and d2e chipsets

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    First of all just burn the 1.6 utility image to DVD and insert it into Wii, this will tell you the versions of both the Actel FM (should be 2.3) and SPI Firmware (should be 1.6), if they are not latest then update the SPI from the DVD first. To update Actel to 2.3 if its not already 2.3, you will need to purchase JTag programmer and then open up the Wii to connect the ribbon cable to the D2Pro9 on one side and the JTag programmer on the other side.

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    i did it whitout JTag programmer :s

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    you have a d2b chipset so that configuartion will not work.
    cut the traces for cdef and it should load then. We actually find that 1.1b firmware works best on the legacy drives, so we sell ours with 1.1b firmware unless the customer requests 2.3/1.6 be loaded on it.
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    Spyman rocks - worked like a charm!!!


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