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Thread: ver. 3.3e software &wiikey

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    Cool ver. 3.3e software &wiikey

    Hi all noobie here.
    have a wii with ver3.3e and wikey
    have only played copied pal games as im here in the uk.
    what is the next step to do?
    should i install wiikey update or just leave it alone
    can i install homebrew ?

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    If its working fine with PAL games then no need to update wiikey. Only when you start having issues should you look into updating WiiKey firmware.

    If you updated your Wii on or after October 23rd then you will need to downgrade to 3.2 to have the best options for installing homebrew. Take a look at the WiiHacks and Homebrew sections of the forum.

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    Thanks for your help on this
    have updated the wii from the wifi connection yesterday before reading ony of the new stuff on the web.
    go the wii last year and still lying in the box under the bed as been using the ps3 60gb original.

    so its best to downgrade to prev 3.2 software?
    have downloaded home brew software but dopnt have a copy of the twighlight game
    would a copy do.

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    Yes best to downgrade to 3.2 for Homebrew stuff. Read the Homebrew and WiiHacks sections of the forum on how to do that.

    Yes backup version will work as long as you have modchip installed.


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