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Thread: newbie help me make a descent title for this thread

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    newbie help me make a descent title for this thread

    i modded my wii many months ago and it has been working fine. a few days ago i started getting the message "IOS 249 rev9 or later is required" whenever i tried to access my wiiflow. usually if i unplugged my wii and plugged it back up it work start working again.that is no longer the case. i dowloaded a i downloaded cIOS rev14 but when i went to install it my homebrew channel was gone. i don't know if my kids did something to change the wii but i thought i had version 4.2U but when i checked my system it says i have 4.3U. i looked for ways to install the homebrew channel but could not find something i could really understand. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    It sounds like someone updated your wii to the dreaded 4.3 SM. You said you had it softmodded before. This should be able to help then.
    Otherwise, you can follow this guide.
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