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Thread: Unable to uninstall IOS249 - tried everything!

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    Unable to uninstall IOS249 - tried everything!

    Stuck in part B of the guide. I tried all three parts, and then I tried going to the link provided and was unable to complete part 3. I get through two 'Download from NUS' parts and then it goes into Step 1, I hit, and that is successful, but when I go into step 2 i hit A and it says it didn't work and exits out of the program. I believe it says unable to downgrade IOS15. I am completely lost here! Can somebody pleasee help me! I've tried all day to no avail and I hate to have to post my problems but I am 100% completely LOST

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    Please post in the guide you are following next time (which is ??)
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    I apoligize. "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!"

    The link in which I was referring is the one to "Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!", which is where the previous guide suggests to go if one experiences errors in part B

    The error message I get is RET 1017 when I try the original three files. I've seen this thread and was unable to use it to help me. It says "try installing a newer 249", I don't know how to do that and read somewhere else ( I can't recall where ) to never install a 249 file. So I'm kind of stuck! Any and all help is much appreciated and if there are any questions about what I did I will answer them within 5 minutes of the post.. I'll be waiting around here all day I want to get this done!
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    Ok. Follow the guide in my signature to restore trucha in IOS36 (be sure to backup and format your SD card before using the pack provided).

    After that completes you can then continue on with shadowsonic2's softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii Starting from Step 4 (Making sure to format your SD again, before using shadow sonics pack.
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    what exactly do you mean by 'format' ?

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    [SPOILER="Read me"]for·mat (fôrmt)n.1. A plan for the organization and arrangement of a specified production.
    2. The material form or layout of a publication.
    3. Computer Science a. The arrangement of data for storage or display.
    b. A method for achieving such an arrangement.

    tr.v. for·mat·ted, for·mat·ting, for·mats 1. To plan or arrange in a specified form: They formatted the conference so that each speaker had less than 15 minutes to deliver a paper.
    2. Computer Science a. To divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data.
    b. To determine the arrangement of (data) for storage or display.


    Please read the guide in full and search the site. If you still have questions please ask within the guide you are following.

    Your SD card need to be formatted to FAT32 File System. The guide covers this.
    I have a feeling you are not following the guide correctly (meaning the softmod guide) Please try from the step you are on and read very carefully.
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