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Thread: wiiflow error messages

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    wiiflow error messages

    I am trying to load wiiflow usb loader (IOS222). When I do try and load it I get an error message that says IOS 222 rev2 or later is required. The same thing happens when I try to install wiiflow usb loader (IOS249). Except the error message say IOS 249 rev9 or later required. Where do I go from here i'm open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance

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    You must install Hermes cIOS 222 v4 or v5 or v5.1 if you want to run "wiiflow usb loader (IOS222)"
    And you must install Waninkoko cIOS38 v14, v17 or higher if you want to run "wiiflow usb loader (IOS249)"

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    Thanks i'll try this first thing in the morning.


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