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Thread: Help for Newbie please

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    Help for Newbie please

    Following the break of my optical drive I have attempted to Softmod my Wii that was on 4.2E so I can download all the games I have paid for but cannot now use, unless I pay for my Wii to be mended. I have followed the threads (although most of it was way over my head). I have installed HBC and BootMii. Done the Trucha Bug thing and priiloader Mod. Done the cioa38r17 installer and USB loader GX. I am able to play any WAD I install, and my download of Mario Kart and Sonic Black Knight worked perfectly on my external HDD through the HBC and USB loader. However any other game just shows a black screen and wont run, Ice Age 3, Call of Duty, My body Coach, AMF bowling etc etc. Is this just dodgy downloads or have I missed something. I downloaded and ran Pimp my Wii 1.3 to see if that fixed anything but it is still the same. Any help for the newbie much appreciated.

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    Well, downloading games is always a risk and not easy to find out if the iso is a good one. IOS222v4 has a high compatibility rate for games, try installing that. Also some game require error 02 anti turned on. Hopefully someone with those games you mentioned can let you know what settings work best.


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