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Thread: Wiiflow game ripping.

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    Wiiflow game ripping.

    When using Wiiflow's installation/rip game option, does it remove the update part of the game? So I dont have to use brick blocker or anything like that.

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    It is my understanding that all of the USB Loaders have the option of ripping a backup copy of the game to a USB Drive...I have used USB Loader GX and I am currently using WiiFlow as my Loader of Choice.

    Someone responded to me a while back and indicated that all of the USB Loaders rip only the Game Portion to the USB Drive and that they DO NOT rip the sector of the original Game Disc that contains (or may contain) any System Menu update.

    So, I think you are safe in terms of not needing to worry about accidently ripping a game update and triggering it using a USB Loader.

    They way I have mine set up, I use PriiLoader, and I have it boot my Wii directly into WiiFlow so that "the kids" cannot use the Disc Channel.....then, if a new game is inserted, WiiFlow asks me if I want to make a backup "not sure of the exact message...etc." but then if I want the game (of course), I just copy the game content to the USB Drive and it works fine and avoids any game update sectors.

    Hope this helps...


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