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Thread: boot.dol doesn't exist in /apps/mplayer_ce folder on sd

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    boot.dol doesn't exist in /apps/mplayer_ce folder on sd

    I removed mplayer ce 0.75 + the forwarder off the wii, I have now installed mplayer ce 0.77 and ios 202 this works great from the hbc but when i tried to load via the forwarder i get boot.dol doesn't exist in /apps/mplayer_ce folder on sd (a boot.dol does exist in this folder) whats wrong?

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    Bad Forwarder? Is it the same forwarder that you removed previously?

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    The forwarder is good, i have tried it with mplayer 0.7 and it works fine but it wont work with 0.77 is there any file that needs to be changed.

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    Are you sure the folder on your SD for Mplayer is named correctly?

    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Good Call Crank can't believe i didnt spot it. Mplayer ce 0.77 downloads as mplayer-ce and the forwarders point to mplayer_ce worth noting for anyone else. Cheers

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    Hmmm... Crank <> Krank; know what I mean?

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    apologies Krank....... thanks for the help.


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