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Thread: Dop-Mii V13 by Arikado

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    Dop-Mii V13 by Arikado

    DOP-Mii is a Wii HomeBrew program, originally known as DOP-IOS MOD, that lets the user perform several functions:
    -Install or Delete any IOS including STUBs
    -Install/Upgrade/Delete the following channels
    #Shopping Channel
    #News Channel
    #Weather Channel
    #Photo Channel 1.0 & 1.1
    #Mii Channel
    -Install any System Menu
    -Install an IOS that accepts Fake Signing on a Wii that doesn't have one with a single button press
    -Display your Wii's boot2 information
    -Upgrade your Wii's boot2 if applicable.
    -Receive a detailed report on your Wii's internal workings

    You can control the program using the WiiMote, Classic Controller, or GameCube controller.

    -Made all of the components in 4.3 available to install (with the exception of the System Menu)
    -Changed the fakesign IOS installtion routine to support more users (including some on 4.3)
    -Bugfix: The application should now be able to be used by users on 4.3

    Upgrading System Menu to 4.3 is currently disabled as the System Menu will remove the Homebrew Channel.

    Download:dop-mii - Project Hosting on Google Code

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    Didn't know it was out yet thanks Cile. Great news that it should now work with 4.3.
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    I almost reposted this, I did a search but did not find this post. Did you use tags?

    Just trying to figure out why the search bar didn't work?

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    Problems downloading from NUS

    Hey, I'm trying to downgrade my 4.3u menu to 4.1u and I get to the point where I am trying to download files from NUS and I get all the 00000001-000000008 or whatever files but when it comes to the 00000000A-00000000E files the download errors then the program crashes. Sorry if that is a vague description but any ideas?


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