A UI for wimms iso tools

Stuff that is working so far -

  • display information about a game image ( name, ID, IOS, filetree w/ offsets & sizes )
  • convert directly between iso/wbfs/ciso/wdf/fst
  • patch parts of iso files without copyting the entire file.
  • while converting from FST to any other container, parameters are accepted to edit the IOS/title/TID/region
  • keep only files needed for use in SNEEK's DI when converting to FST
  • keep only certain partitions
  • multilingual support determined by LANG environmental variable
  • embedded and external language files
  • browsing Wii images
  • drag & drop file opening
  • open files via argv ( open with... )

Download/Source:qtwitgui - Project Hosting on Google Code
WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools