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Thread: Visual Boy Advance GX - GBA emulator for Wii

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    Visual Boy Advance GX - GBA emulator for Wii

    Game Boy/Game Boy Advance Emulator for Wii/GameCube, based on VBA-M
    UPDATED - Aug. 14, 2010

    A Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance emulator based on VBA-M, ported to the Wii and GameCube. The code is a continuation of Softdev and emu_kidid's efforts, and uses libogc and devkitppc. The GUI is powered by libwiigui.

    Visual Boy Advance GX
    • Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic, Gamecube controller, Mouse and Keyboard support
    • Rotation sensors, Solar sensors, and Rumble support
    • Optional special Wii controls built-in for some games
    • Editable 14-colour palettes for monochrome Gameboy games
    • SRAM and State saving
    • IPS/UPS/PPF patch support
    • Custom controller configurations
    • SD, USB, DVD, SMB, Zip, and 7z support
    • Compatiblity based on VBA-M r847
    • MEM2 ROM Storage for fast access
    • Auto frame skip for those core heavy games
    • Turbo speed, video zooming, widescreen, and unfiltered video options

    Download the latest version from one of these links
    Source - vba-wii - Project Hosting on Google Code
    WiiBrew - Visual Boy Advance GX - WiiBrew

    You will also need to install IOS58 - Download


    vba GX Channel Installer v1.0 - Download

    This install nothing more that a forwarder that will look to the SD card or USB device to boot the emulator.

    About the Channel Installer v1.0

    Thanks goes to Tantric for this emulator.

    Installation and useage
    • Install IOS58 first, unzip the IOS58 installer archive, open the apps folder and copy the IOS58-installer folder to the apps folder of your Wii's SD card. Run this installer from the homebrew channel.
    • If you are using the Homebrew Channel just copy the apps directory from the archive to the root of your SD card. If you are using another loader use the executables/vbagx_wii.dol.
    • ROMs & saves files should be stored in vbagx/roms and vbagx/saves on the root of your SD card or USB flash drive. You can copy the vbagx directory from the archive to your support drive. Your ROMs must be in ".gb", ".gbc" or ".gba" format. To be clear, there will be 2 "vbagx" folders. One in your apps folder, and one on the SD root.
    • Launch the emulator using your Loader.



    This thread is posted in the downloads section, only post here if you have a problem with the download.

    If you wish to discuss the emulator then visit this thread -
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