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Thread: WiiSX - Playstation emulator for Wii

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    WiiSX - Playstation emulator for Wii

    A port of the PS1 emulator, PCSX, to the Nintendo GC/Wii

    WiiSX is a PS1 emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube & Wii brought to you by Wii64Team (emu_kidid, sepp256, tehpola).

    Download -
    Source - pcsxgc - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Installation and Usage
    • ISOs can be .bin/.cue (Make sure .cue contains _relative_ directory!), .img, or .iso format
    • To install: Extract the contents of to the root of your SD card
    • For SD/USB: Put ISOs (.bin/.cue or other formats) in the directory named /wiisx/isos,
    • All save types will automatically be placed in /wiisx/saves
    • For DVD: ISOs may be anywhere on the disc (requires DVDxV2 on Wii)
    • For actual BIOS: Put SCPH1001.BIN in the directory on SD/USB named /wiisx/bios
    • Load the executable from the HBC or in the loader of your choice
      Once loaded, select 'Load ISO' and choose the source and select the ISO to load
      (Note: to go up a directory select '..', B will exit the file browser)
    • Select 'Play Game' to play
    • The game can be exited any time by pressing a configurable key combination together
      on a GC pad (START & X), Classic Controller (ZL & ZR), Wiimote (- & +),
    • Wiimote+Nunchuck (1 & 2), or the reset button
      (Note: this must be done to save your game; it will not be done automatically)

    If you are having problems loading the ISOs from a USB device then try using usb port 1, that is the usb port closest to the center of the Wii, and unplug the usb storage device from usb port 0. If you have a forwarder with AHBPROT support then unplugging the usb device from usb port 0 is not necessary. I have tested and found that the ISOs will not load from usb port 0.

    Compatibility list at wiibrew - WiiSX/Compatibility - WiiBrew
    Compatibility list at GBAtemp - WiiSX compatibility list (beta 2) - WikiTemp

    [SPOILER="Changelog"]Beta 2.1:
    * Compiled with devkitPPC r21 / libOGC SVN
    * Compiled with new libDI / DVDx V2
    * Saving improvements
    * Fixed issues where save was not written to memcard
    + Audio state saved/loaded for save states
    * Controller improvements
    * Fixed inverted Y-axis on analog input
    * Fixed rumble
    * Fixed button presses on unused input port
    + Added “Home” button as a menu combo for CC
    + Added disable rumble setting
    * Network improvements
    * SMB correction to allow anonymous user and password
    + Threaded network init and proper error messages when it fails

    Beta 2:
    • Compiled with devkitPPC r21 / libOGC SVN
    • Compiled with new libDI / DVDx V2
    • DVD reads are now done with direct PowerPC access
      Samba loading
      Execute BIOS
    • Controller improvements
      Rumble for Wiimote-based input
      Wiimote-only controls
      Classic Controller Pro & 3rd party controller support
      Reconfigurable button mapping
      Save/Load button mapping from file
    • New menu system
      Classic Controller support
      Wiimote / Wiimote & nunchuck support
      Settings saving
      Auto load/save option for saves
      Pillar-boxing 'Force 16:9' mode
      Fixed color mapping for FMV
    • FranSPU
      Smooth stereo audio at full FPS
    • SSSPSX input plugin
      DualShock Controller support
      Rumble support
      Analog/Digital switching
    • CDRMooby
      Improved compatibility
      CDDA audio streaming is not implemented
      .CUE is not working from DVD, select the .bin directly
      Final Fantasy VII crashes Dynarec (after first battle)

    Beta 1:
    • Working audio (choppy)
    • DVD loading
    • Software GFX with GX scaling
    • Saving to SD card
    • Text UI
    • Known Issues:
      CDDA audio streaming is not implemented
      XA audio fails at times
      Final Fantasy VII crashes Dynarec
      FPS limit not working at times

    This thread is posted in the downloads section, only post here if you have a problem with the download.

    Ask for ROMS or BIOS here and visit the READING ROOM, ask google where to find that stuff.

    If you wish to discuss the emulator then visit this thread -
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    Question. I Didn't know where to put this since the "discuss the emulator" thread was closed. How do you get the saves to work? I was playing this game and it said that there was no memory card so i can't save.

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    you need a gamecube memory card.

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    I have a modded 4.3u set up with the USB HD.
    It works with the USD loaders.
    But when i try to run the N64 and the PS1 emulators - the system would not recognize the USB port.
    Is there some kind of a guide for this?


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