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Thread: 4.3u wad manager help

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    Cool 4.3u wad manager help

    Im sort of a newb. I have 4.3u and homebrew channel with everything working fine. Except when I go to wad manager 1.7 every time I try to install a wad I get error ret-2011. I am at a loss at what to do and really need advice. Help is really appreciated

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    Is your ciosx rev set to base 38? Kaninkoko requires you to use base 38 to use wad manager. If your 250 slot is still available, you can install there on rev 19 or 20, that's what I had to do for wad manager, because I needed 249 as base57 for a game to work ; ;
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    When using wad manager 1.7, you need to select a patched IOS to do the installing.

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