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Thread: HDD not working

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    Us HDD not working

    Hello everyone... I currently use WiiFlow through the HBC.. my gf downloaded a wii update which jacked up the wiiflow... so i reinstalled the HBC and the Wiiflow.. both work up until it tries to read the HDD.. says Please plug in port 0 or press reset... i tried power cycling both the wii and the hdd and still get the same response.. any help would be appreciated.. ty

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    Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. have more than likely wiped your Cios with the update. Check you System version and see if you are at 4.3 now. If so you will need to follow maiu's guide here. Also Welcome to Wiihacks
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    thx.. the version is 4.2u.. i figured i needed to re-softmod the wii for that version.. so im currently workin on doin that.. thx for the tip


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