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Thread: Preloader bricked my Wii!!!

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    Preloader bricked my Wii!!!

    Background: I don't know my wii version, but it's one of the old ones. Anyways I've already successfully hacked my wii before but had to rehack since a cousin of mine went ahead and upgraded the wii when now when I followed everystep: downloaded homebrew, run wad batcher, ios downgraded and everything was going great until I had to install preloader, that's when my wii bricked and now all I get is "files corrupted, see wii operation manual..." and can't do anything.....PLEASE HELP ME...=[
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    so you can you get into preloader?
    and/or do you have bootmii as boot2?
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    Follow THIS guide. It should fix your issue. Be sure to read the info at the top.
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    What exactly did priiloader do?
    Did you get any errors with it?

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    Preloader was loading and it seemed like everything was going fine, but then the screen turned black and the message whenever I turn my wii on that's all that appears, I can't do anything but turn it off
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