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Thread: Why Don't All You Guys And Girls Get Your Wii Modchiped With Wiikey Fusion (Wiikey 3)

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    Why Don't All You Guys And Girls Get Your Wii Modchiped With Wiikey Fusion (Wiikey 3)

    (Wiikey Fusion Modchip) Will Play All Those Games You Are Having Problems With Using REMOVED Neogamma Why Bother That Way You'll Brick Your Wii Consoles.

    1. Mario Galaxy
    2. Mario Galaxy 2
    3. New Super Mario Bros
    4. Zelda Twilight Princess
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    Yeah but why not just use usb loading, no discs needed

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    I donīt understand what you are trying to say

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    How to play out of region games (disc playing) Neogamma
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    I second ole worzel, why bother?

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    Everytime, I think I have seen the dumbest or most pointless thing posted on the boards, someone comes along and tops it. Should have a contsest for this sort of thing.
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