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Thread: Help me Hack please! (Im doin this for my little girl for game cheats)

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    Help me Hack please! (Im doin this for my little girl for game cheats)

    Howdy All!
    First off, I have searched, researched, read, and studied for some time before I decided to hack my Wii. Recently, I have attempted and reattempted my hack a number of times. So please don't ping me; I'm not asking to be spoon fed; I have done my homework. Long story short, I want some kind of Game Genie type "thing" on my Wii so my daughter (and me) can cheat/enhance her old school Nintendo games. Apparently, that can be accomplished by getting the homebrew channel, getting gecko OS, which has ocarina, etc... So, here is what I have attempted so far:

    1. bannerbomb and hackmii trick. Result: black screen w/ error4 corrupt blah blah
    2. Discoverd that I had Wii version 4.3u and as such is incompatiable with above mentioned, so...
    3. Attempted and reattempted many times the Smash Stack method. Result: no go! hackmii is supposed to load upon reentering the stage builder. it does not load at all.

    I have started over from scratch several times now (reformat SD card, re-download fresh SW in case corrupt, delete SSBB data, the whole 9, etc...) just to make sure I had my head on straight. Each attempt nets the same result; NADT (not a damn thing). Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Its been 20 minutes an no replies! I'm sad.
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    You should follow this guide using the lego indiana jones method for 4.3u. worked perfectly for me.
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