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Thread: Easy ...Basic Driving Games Please

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    Easy ...Basic Driving Games Please

    Good Evening fellow Wiisters,

    I have a birthday coming up for my 12 year old son, but as he only loves playing very basic wii games - Wii Sports for the Baseball and Sports resort for the swordplay - I need some advice about buying a easy to play driving game for him.
    It will also be played by my 2 year old son, who at the moment has a fixation on aeorplanes and motorcycles as well as going fast in anything !

    Any ideas ?

    Many thanks for your help


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    Mario Kart Wii is fun and even little kids can play it-your 2YO might need a little help. Of course, if he is already fixated on going fast, you might need the help

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    I agree!!! mario kart wii is great for kids and me!

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    Another recommendation on Mario Kart Wii, easy and fun to play. Love tossing banana peels!

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    +1 for Mario Kart

    Also consider Cars & Cars Race O Rama, both easy and most kids love the movie and can relate to the different characters.

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    Exite Truck is a launch game but very easy and enjoyable. I heard there is a new Exitebots which is rated even higher.
    Cars O Rama
    Mario Kart Wii

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    Exite Truck is the better option. Here you can play easily .Nothing much complication under it. Every one thinks Exite boats are latest version & more smooth for them.

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    my kids love mario kart (and so do i) but i prefere the the classic controller, and disney cars is a great game for kids aswell

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    mario kart wii is great for kids and me!
    me, three.
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