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Thread: I wanna play back-up games (including GC-games) on my Wii. Can anyone explain how?

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    I wanna play back-up games (including GC-games) on my Wii. Can anyone explain how?

    [I didn't know where to put this thread, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. Somehow, I doubt it is though]

    Okay, so I wanna be able to play back-ups on my Wii.
    I heard about this thing called the back-up launcher or something like that.
    So I installed HBC, and now I'm gonna try to get my Wii to play games that I put on a DVD-R.
    But... I'm not really sure how. What do I need, and how do I get it?

    I've looked on youtube for a solid guide, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
    So, I'm asking here, thinking that there might be people here who are a little more experienced with stuff like this (unlike myself xP).
    I'm new with Homebrew-things. I used to have it (before I updated) but all I really used was Gecko OS. But then I found a way to install it again even after updating my Wii, and here I am now.

    So, if anyone can help, I'd be thankful.
    Bye for now, peeps. And sorry bout the ridiculously long first post. heh

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    Go to the recommended guides section and find a softmod guide for your system menu version.
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