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Thread: Complete Virtual Console image-pack, ideal for Triiforce!

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    Complete Virtual Console image-pack, ideal for Triiforce & Mighty Channels

    last updated 01.07.2011 - images updated to release of Karnov's Revenge

    Download previous image pack [up to release of Aero the Acrobat/SNES]
    Download latest image pack [up to release of Karnov's Revenge/NEOGEO]

    After completing Sinyk's Triiforce MRC tutorial, I fell in love with the idea that I can have more WiiWare and Virtual Console games installed on my Wii at any given time -- not to mention emulation has been spot on.

    But of course, the only drawback to using Triiforce was having to get those pesky coverart for your games. After searching the boards and not finding any packages that were already put together, I felt this is one way I can contribute to everyone who's ever helped me here at WiiHacks. This package isn't something I simply downloaded from multiple sources and slapped together -- no, I spent a total of nearly six hours capturing, resizing and renaming every file just so anyone here can drag and drop these little images onto their SD cards and HDD's.

    The images are .png files set at a resolution of 192x112 pixels. If you already have images and you wish to keep them, simply move them from your existing triiforce_mrc folder into the new one. The source I used was (great place to visit for all your WiiWare and VC news and reviews).

    You can download the pack here. Don't forget to download the lastest images here. I only ask that you do not post my link on other sites.There's no password and it's only 16MB in size, so you should be able to keep it there on your SD card or HDD without sacrificing too much space.

    I'll be keeping this thread up-to-date with new releases. If you find that images aren't showing up in Triiforce, there's a good chance I misnamed the file. If that's the case, let me know and I'll correct it for ya' (or if you'd like, you can do it yourself ). Don't forget to hit "thanks" if you found this useful.

    *Note: I could not find out the Virtual Console ID's for the following new images: Karnov's Revenge, Magical Drop III, and SonSon -- they will not appear in your channel viewer without a proper ID. If you know them, just rename the .png file to have them show up.

    Almost 400 images!
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    -Wii Menu 4.2U / DARKCORP v1.1 / BootMii as boot2 / Preloader v0.30-
    -USB HDD / Wiiflow 2.0 / Triiforce / VC Image-Pack / cIOS Wads-
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    Nice contribution, wiiLike2Hacks.

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    any chance links will be enabled soon?
    whats the reason links are disabled?

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    6 hrs,,,,, your al ledgend,, many thanks

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    After a short absent, I've been able to update the image pack up to the release of Karnov's Revenge. Please note, there are a couple games whose ID's I could not figure out, so they will not show up in the channel view.

    -Wii Menu 4.2U / DARKCORP v1.1 / BootMii as boot2 / Preloader v0.30-
    -USB HDD / Wiiflow 2.0 / Triiforce / VC Image-Pack / cIOS Wads-
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    How do you use these with mighty channel? I haven't got an image for sonic 1 - didn't download like the others. Anyone else have that problem?

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    Yeah sorry, saw it last night and forgot to delete the post. Now to work out this fowarder shinnanigans. Sonic The Hedgehog is a lot harder than I remember - <edited>!!! It's mean with the lives and continues for sure.

    You can't be serious. I was under the impression that was ordinary language. Certainly not consider a swear word or particularly rude. Harsh but ah well, I'll be more careful.
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    Megaupload down

    Any chance we could get a new d/l link since Megaupload is no longer?

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