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Thread: I think I brike --- brike?! --- my wii... freeze on SD cards

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    I think I bricked my wii... freeze on SD cards

    Hello, I am new to here, nice to meet you all. I am having problem with my wii, hope that someone here can help me.

    My wii is the first generation wii, and it is modchipped with wiikey. It is currently ver. 4.2J. It used to be able to play most of my backups, and everything is fine. End of last year I got another console and I hadn't touch my wii since then until last week.

    When I start up my wii, it kind of lag in the respond but the menu show up. But when I move around, it freezes up. I turn the machine off and on again, same thing happened. Someone told me that too many saves is causing the machine to respond slow, so I use the "restore to factory default" option to "format" my wii, then tried to reinstall HBW. It was when I realized, if I reject my SD card, my wii will not freeze. It only freeze on my SD cards. I read many forum post, and formatted my SD card into FAT format. It kind of worked, but it still freeze sometimes and the lagging problem is still there.

    Yesterday, my friend bought me the new wiikey fusion with the SD card reader. He said his machine freeze before, but since he installed the SD card reader, he can play most of the games so he opened my wii and installed it for me. I was able to open it at first, but after I chose my ISO from the wiikey menu and restarted my machine, it freeze on the menu again.

    Since I have the experience with my wii freezing on SD cards, I tried to remove the SD cards (one is the machine one, the other is the wiikey fushion one), and my wii looks fine again (no freezing, but a little laggy, still).

    Does this mean I semi-bricked my wii? Does anyone know what is happening and how am I going to get that solved?

    Thank you in advance!
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    First, no matter what --- do not accept any type of system update as offered or proffered by the likes of Nintendo.

    Second, remember your Wii can be picky about its SD cards. For softmodding, 2gb Sandisk (Wii-branded ones are made by them) are best and are only $10. While for other functions as you are using this card for, some applications will still be picky. Remember if your Wii is < 4.0 it won't accept or use SDHC cards correctly.

    As another matter, to see what's "under the hood," please post a syscheck as outlined here as a reply within this thread.

    If you look in Settings/Data Management, it should report how many blocks are free on your Wii.

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    Thank you very much for your fast reply.

    I will go and get a Sandisk SD card first, and try to perform a syscheck!

    I will come back with the result asap! Thanks!

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    Sometimes formatting with sdfv2003.exe will help.
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    Hello, thanks for your reply.

    I now use a 2GB sandisk SD card, but I think I have got into another problem.

    When I load homebrew, it does load up, but when I load the apps, I got black screen. I read some forum post, and tried a few things like "wait a few second before clicking load". I got softchip load up.
    It then give me the following error:

    Error loading IOS 249!
    Trying Default IOS249...
    [-] Erro loading Default IOS

    --- IOS Menu ---
    > SoftChip will try to load the selected IOS on start up.
    > If a problem occurs, it'll load the default IOS 249.

    Press the (A) button to load the selected IOS.
    Press the (B) button to return to the main menu.
    Use the D-Pad to change IOS number.

    SoftChip will use IOS4 (Rev 65280)

    Any idea how to fix this?

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    You don't have cios
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