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Thread: Hating The Conduit Hackers

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    Question Hating The Conduit Hackers

    I recently got The Conduit and it is infested with players with Super Speed,Invisibility,Fully Automatic Rocket Launchers and so much more.I've found a bunch of the codes they use but no explanation on how to use them.I want to fight fire with fire,so that I stand a chance,only using the cheats if others are cheating.How do I use these codes? I have the wii menu 4.3.I upgraded it before I ever knew about the Homebrew unfortunately.Can anyone tell me how to use these codes? Preferably a way where I wont get "error coded" off the wifi.There are so many cheaters on there, there must be a way,or it would be such a widespread problem.thanks

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    Someone's been not reading the rules. Persist or ask again and you're at risk of further action.

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