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Thread: Someone please help-playback issues and resolution from wii hdd

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    Someone please help-playback issues and resolution from wii hdd

    So I currently have installed WiiMC and MPlayer CE .77 and can not get a movie to play back correctly on either one.

    I've tried multiple movies with different aspect ratio's btu run into the same problem:
    WiiMC - Audio syncs with video, but frames are skipping
    MPlayer - Playback seems slow but no skipping, video and audio do not sync

    I'm trying to play "The Incredibles" - it's in AVC (.mp4) with a resolution 720x424

    Edit: I also installed the cIOS for MPlayer that is supposed to help those with playback issues

    Can someone please help me figure out why I can't get these to play back correctly? Everything I've read says that they should be able to.

    THank you,
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    Use Hermes" cIOS installer v4 and install IOS202 as 38 merged with 60.
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