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Thread: No More Heroes CFG problem

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    No More Heroes CFG problem

    Having problems with the No More Heroes (original, first part). CFG gives me a black screen. Its NTSC game/console.

    What would be the settings of CFG to play it?

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    More info, like cIOS Revison, Cfg Revision. Try to boot it with IOS223 or 222 if 249 doesn't work. Update cfg if you are using an old revision.
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    I updated CFG to 8a. Also, I tried using 223, 222 (it is modded, because I installed something to play monster hunter 3) and cios250. Not to abide.

    cIOS revision and Cfg revision, I don't know what that is. Maybe ill just download another backup copy, to see if mine is just a patched version that wont work on modded wiis

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    Buy the game and rip it! cIOS revision = What Revision is your cIOS? 17, 19, 20?
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