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Thread: SSBB Freezing at level choosing.

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    Unhappy SSBB Freezing at level choosing.

    The game plays fine untill I go into Training or Brawl. When I get to the map/level chooser the game freezes and a beep is heard.

    I have searched the forum and haven't a thread about this problem. I might be failing I don't know.

    It is a game copy (not a download) and it is on my hard drive. I tried updating using

    But still it is freezing. I also tried backing it up with usb loader gx and wiiflow. Both still freeze.

    Please help,

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    maybe your laser is dirty or messin up..which way does your wii poston..flat or standing?

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    It is flat. Don't see how that matters if i play it from the disk it works perfectly.
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    Re: same issue

    I have a recently updated virgin wii at 4.3u and also experience the same issue but I am unable to play brawl from an original copy. I have tried the USB loader program and the disc but they both freeze at the level selection screen with the beep. I suspect it's a missing ios update or patch. I followed the same guide but I haven't tried the Hermes 222 yet.

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    This problem is also happening to me. I backed up my game with usb loader gx and it freezes and a beep is listened at the brawl stage selection.

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    i had that problem and i fixed it. Heres the post to help you with the problem


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