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Thread: I think I bricked my wii [4.2]

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    I think I bricked my wii [4.2]

    I had completely softmodded my 4.2 wii, and it loaded into the homebrew channel, and asked if I wanted to upgrade the homebrew channel. I said yes, as the how to not brick your wii guide didn't say anything about that. So, I did. After, the screen is black and the light is just flashing blue..

    Is it bricked? Should I restart? Whats up?

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    Try restart your wii and see if it works fine, have you installed Priiloader and/or BootMii/Boot2?
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    Your not bricked, the hackmii installer just crashed on you. Download the installer again and try. If it crashes when loaded in HBC, try to load it via bannerbomb.
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