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Thread: New WII?

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    Question New WII?

    I bought a new WII in Dell (my first wii) I bought it 6 days ago.. I also updated my WII to 4.3U not knowing that it would be very confusing to mod it. My question is will I be able to mod my WII, install HBC and etc using SMASH STACK or INDIANA PWNS? I was also curious about my SDHC 4GB SANDISK CARD.. will I be able to use it as my device to mod my WII?

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    Simple answer is yes, just follow the 4.3 guide.

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    well why does mauifrog's thread that said Brick Prevention- Things you should never do ..
    Never downgrade system menu of newer wii's
    System menu's less then 3.4 do not support newer wii hardware. Downgrading a newer wii will result in a brick.
    Example- Downgrading a newer wii to 3.2 could brick it.

    Never downgrade ios files of newer wii's
    Newer wii's will not function with many downgraded ios files. Downgrading your ios files to enable trucha bug could cause many black screens or worse, brick your wii.
    Example- Downgrading Ios36 to Ios36-v1042 will cause most Homebrew to load to black screens on newer wii's
    Use TBR, or Dop-Ios-Mod to enable trucha bug instead

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    Where does it state in the 4.3 guide to downgrade system menu? It say's it's completely optional. Plus you are reading a post that pertains to older firmware.

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    oh ok thanks.. but will the sdhc card work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shiinjii View Post
    oh ok thanks.. but will the sdhc card work?
    Who knows? I put your chances at 92.31415%. How about you try it. It will either work or it won't.

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    you serious? 92%??

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    No, not serious. I can say it would work but until I actually try it I would have no idea. You will know very quickly if it will work or not. There are some tools floating around to format SD cards on this site also but personally I've never had an issue with the cards I have so I have no idea what a card would actually do if it failed.

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    2GB or less Scandisk is recommended. Anything else works sometimes/partially and sometimes not at all.
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