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Thread: Fatal Frame 4 video lagging

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    Question Fatal Frame 4 video lagging

    Hi everyone,

    My wii is softmodded, its 3.3u and ios249 with rev14 and i use both neogamma R7 or usbloadergx and in almost 99% of the games i have no problems (and i think its LU61).

    I got Fatal Frame 4 patched english already, and i burned it in 1X speed in Niponninc and Maxell DVD... but in both discs the videos of this game LAG so HARD that i have to skip then and so i dont know the history

    Do anyone have this problem?


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    This is a VERY common thing when it comes to playing burn discs. Since the drive runs at a slower speed in order to read the disc, it causes videos to lag. Only way to get around this is would be to use a HDD instead of disc method. Not to mention HDD is way better than the disc method.
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