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Thread: List of PS3 games/demos with sound issues

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    List of PS3 games/demos with sound issues

    Hey guys.
    I'm new to the PS3, so I have been downloading a whole bunch of demos from the Playstation store, and I have found that some of these demo's have some serious sound issues, where the sound will have various glitches, or drop outs.

    At first i thought it was my system, until a friend of mine said his did the same thing with the same demos, on his setup.

    Searching on-line on this subject has yielded some interesting information in that some older games did indeed have such serious sound bugs.
    Supposedly the people who experience this are those that use either the optical out, or HDMI for sound, and have it connected to a home theater receiver, and play in surround sound.
    ( My PS3 slim is connected with optical out into a surround sound receiver ).

    Here is a (short) list of what games/demos i have found so far that have sound bugs / glitches / drop outs etc..

    Please feel free to add to the list if you have also experienced such issues on any games or demos. Thanks.

    Condemned 2: sound glitches at various times during the demo (retail with patch works fine).

    Fracture: sound glitches, and sound drop outs (all sound is lost).

    FUEL: occasional small sound drop outs

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    its cuz sony is cheap.

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