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Thread: Any Software that Acts like the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

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    Any Software that Acts like the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if there was any software that acts like the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Without buying anything. Just wondering if it was possible and the links please. Also, if you know what it is, I thought the Intel My Wifi Technology was like that, but it's not. I have WPA2-PSK encryption on my router.If you still don't understand, I'm looking for any free software that takes the internet signal from the router and them broadcasts it like a router. I mean that the computer acts like a router. Please do not be too mean; I am only a noob at these kinds of stuff.

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    I was >< close to understanding what you were requesting, honest

    Just for sake of clarification: you're asking this in relation to Nintendo DS/DSL/DSI?

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    Yes, it is. I'm talking about my DS Lite. And if it makes a difference, I also have a CycloDS Evolution (very new) w/ my DS.
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    If you happened to look at the Nintendo web site, Nintendo says to change your router encryption to WEP or remove the encryption. You can also look on Ebay to a USB Wi-Fi connector for NDS, Nintento has discontinued the manufacture of their Wi-Fi dongle. There's no other way, either drop the WPA or spend some money.

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    I was wondering..but maybe I think I can enable WEP security with Mac Filtering.
    The only reason I want to do this is because I want to dump my game saves inside the DS. I guess I won't be able to do it.
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