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Thread: Flatmii Fusion (Need help, PLEASE!)

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    Us Flatmii Fusion (Need help, PLEASE!)

    I just got my hands on the Flatmii Fusion, the problem is... I have no clue how to make it work. There is plenty of videos/tutorials on how to put the thing in your Wii, but probably no information on how to use it. The thing is inside right now, the little TV turns on, then it sais to insert the micro SD card. I put it in, but then it sais: "No WBFS system found". I have tried to find information, but I just can't find it. So please, PLEASE, can someone help me out?

    Information that might help:
    Micro SD card: 2GB SandDisk (FAT32)
    Wii: It was one of the first ones (got it on release date).
    Region: NTSC (US I guess).

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    you need to format your Micro SD card to WBFS format.

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