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Thread: Loader/.wad SD/HDD question

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    Loader/.wad SD/HDD question

    Looking at buying a external HDD tonight. I got my Wii Softmodded. Unit does copy games to usb thumb drive fine.

    I'm looking into taking all my SD Files(apps/wads/ect...) and placing them on a FAT32 partition on the HDD.

    and then formating the rest of the HDD for WBFS.

    USB Loader GX I'm assuming will auto sense to save to the FAT32 partition if I do take out the SD card... right?


    If I were to set up a forwarder for mplayer using the SD card will it auto to the HDD after I switch or will I need to reinstall the .wad?



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    My apologies. I posted this within hard mod. Can this be moved? Sorry for the inconvenience... >.<


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