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Thread: format usb flashdrive for usb loader?

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    Question format usb flashdrive for usb loader?

    hi all, so im using the usb loader to load new games i burned to a disc. the flashdrive i was using broke, so i bought a new one to use with usb loader, but its not working. usb loader asks me if i wish to format or select a partition. whichever i do my wii brings up a nasty digit screen with a humming noise and freezes. my usb is FAT formatted. is this right? any help is appreciated

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    Moved to newbie section as issue has nothing to do with software backup loaders per se.

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    If you are using a wbfs partition, you can format it with wbfs manager. On a personal note, whenever I use wbfs manager to format, it only seems to work if the drive is already ntfs formatted, it always fails for me if it is fat32 from the start.
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