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Thread: WTB: Modded Nintendo Wii

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    WTB: Modded Nintendo Wii

    Just as the title says. Looking to buy a modded Nintendo Wii.
    My ultimate goal for this modded wii is to play a horse racing game on a U.S. Console.
    This includes G1 Jockey, Family Jockey, etc.
    Best case scenario would be a Wii that removed region lock, disabled auto update, and included a copy of one (or several) horse racing games.

    Paypal Verified.
    Cash in Hand.
    Several references on other websites where I have bought/purchased items including and

    Items will need to be shipped to Lisle, IL.
    Seller must have references.

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    Sorry but piracy is not condoned on the site, and as such, you will not be able to purchase a console here with pirated copies of games in hand. As long as the seller is selling an actual "retail" game, then it's fine.

    Good luck finding yourself a console!!!!!

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    Sounds good. Sorry if the post contained some ambiguity.


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