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Thread: How to disassemble your Xbox 360

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    How to disassemble your Xbox 360

    This is a small guide that explains the best way to open up the xbox 360. Opening your console will void the warranty, so think twice before doing this.
    Take the tub your spindle of discs came and cut a bit from the side of it and put it over the console as shown. Make sure you mark out where the holes are.

    Then make it into a key like this. The tabs need to be about 1cm long.

    Do the same for the other side and you'll get two xbox 360 case opening keys that look
    like these.

    Step 2
    Open the front of the console as normal and put a bit of newspaper or something inside the case to hold the front open a bit, then insert the key, push with a bit of force and you should hear it click and the case will open.

    Do this on the other side and you're done!

    Credits to Hydra![/SPOILER]

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    thanks i was looking for that! time to fit my new case mod (bright red!)

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    True, but not a reason to open up the Slim as yet (no known released firmware hack as yet). I just bought this Xbox off Flea Bay... man, IDK. Lot 0937X is right at the cusp of the PITA Lite On switch. This may have the standard hackable Lite On, or it may not. Date and Lot # seems to pinpoint this exact period of the change over...


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