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Thread: 3.2 upgrade

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    3.2 upgrade

    Hi im bit new too this firmware thing but from what i found out i needed too upgrade too play mario cart and did that and it worked.
    But people says best firmware too use is 3.2 and i only got 3.1e with mario soo anyone know a game that got 3.2.
    As right now all game works part from ssx blur that is a ntsc game. I got palwii and got wasabi3 with the 1.4 config disc soo can make it region free soo it should work. But i can load up ssx blur soo i see the disk and start it but then all turns black as it did with mario cart before i updated.
    Soo im abit hoping that upgrading too 3.2 will get it too work.

    And if i understand it right i dont want too upgrade too anything higher as that can mess things up or have i got that wrong?
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    I don't think any games have 3.2, and if your not running Homebrew or a modchip just go up to 3.3 with a disc.

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    no ACTUAL game has it
    if you dont have HBC, and have no intrest in getting it befor you do anything else, then just get 3.3
    if you have a backup you can use, Wii update manager, and replace a firmware, with 3.2 it worked well when i did it with my wasabi

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    Soo aslong as i dont use homebrew its safe too go up too 3.3?

    I think i read somewhere that some games my stop working if i upgrade too 3.3, and seems alot think its a bad ide too upgrade too 3.3.
    Im pretty new too this soo if anyone know alot of this and care too explain it it would be great. As i dont want too do anything too my wii soo things stop working just too be able too play 1 more game.

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    it fixes the fake sign bug, but if you can get Gecko OS working that doesnt matter, really if you just play back ups in your region, and only that you dont need to worry about firmware atm

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    I believe both Super Maro Galaxy and SSBB have the 3.2 update, but make sure that you use the ones that are the SAME region as your Wii otherwise you WILL brick your Wii.

    Other method is to use the AnyRegion changer which requires the installation of the Homebrew channel first.

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    Well the odd thing is that i upgraded with mario cart and people say it should ahve 3.2 but only got 3.1e. And if i put in ssbb or galaxy nothing happend but the game starts rigth away.
    And as it is now with the config disco i upgraded my wasabi 3 chip with i can make my wii region free soo ntsc games works fine.
    But if i upgrade too 3.3 does that mean i would need too use gecko program too be able too play ntsc game then?

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    Yes you will need Gecko OS if you upgrade past 3.2, AND remove the update, if you dont remove the update, and you put in the actual game it should run, since Wasabi can block them you shouldnt worry, but i never read anyone trying this, so i dont have a 100% for ya, but this is a 99.99% thing

    no they dont, mario kart is the newest of the 3 and that has 3.1, SSBB, and SMG have 3.1 too

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    Soo then if i upgrade too 3.3 the wasabi own region free wont work anymore?
    If soo i think i stay as it is with 3.1 for now soo far only thing that doesnt work for me is ssx blur and wouldnt want too have all that problem too play the ntsc games just too be able too play that.
    Soo from what i get its better too stay at 3.1 then go too 3.3

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    i would install the HBC and downgrade my wii through the any region changer.
    I am the SSBB master...

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