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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Wii Big Daddy Mod All New Levels

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    Talking New Super Mario Bros Wii Big Daddy Mod All New Levels

    I know others have modded the game all the way so I wanted to give it a try myself. Every level is new. All made with Reggie! level editor. I will post videos until it's completed. I'm on World 7 right now. I apologize for the crappy video footage ahead of time. I'll be updating this thread as it progresses.

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    nice work bad thing to many power ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
    nice work bad thing to many power ups
    Thanks. Mostly kids playing this. But it's still challenging. I have about 20 levels left but considering I've done over 60 now it shouldn't be long until it's finished.

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    Looking forward to play any of this mod games. Does anyone know if there is a mod there is already released?

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    I can see many user made releases coming out before the wii becomes obsolete. Thanks to reggie and users like you this game is going to make one heck of an impact on childhoods, lol. Stuff like this might even inspire PS8 hackers, lol.

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    Yeah it's good to see someone taking a full mod on their own. GenCobra if you're still interested in keeping us updated I'll mention a link to this page on the Reggie guide.
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    Where is the link for this I would love to debug or help with testing.

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