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Thread: advantages Wiikey fusion over wiikey 2?

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    advantages Wiikey fusion over wiikey 2?

    If I can use the wiikey2 (I have an older wii) are there any advantages to the Fusion?

    The SD part is not that important for me, I burn all games for the kids so its easier for them to choose.
    Just wondering if I should expect less support/updates for the wiikey2 now the new fusion is out.

    Factual I would say the wiikey2 is better due to its superior support for gamecube audio and 6x readspeed but it is 2 years old now.

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    If you want to install Wiikey 2 and not care much about the SD then you are making the correct decision. But keep in mind that soldering
    Wiikey2 is not as easy, that if you haven't done much of that before or let some professional do it for you.
    Check what type of drive you have and see if it is fully compatible with wiikey 2, then if you update to 4.2 or higher then you will only be able own region games.
    List of Wii drivechips - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As my Wii is brand new so my option became Wiikey Fusion.


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