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Thread: DIRECTLY Transfer files from PC to DS/i

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    DIRECTLY Transfer files from PC to DS/i

    This guide was written to help you transfer PC files to the DS without having to remove the micro sd card from your flash cart and inserting it to the computer. This can be used to send .nds files from the pc to ds/dsi too!!

    Things you need:

    A Compatible Flash Cart
    Windows PC


    1. Extract all the files except for "Balik Bayan Server.exe" from the download into the root of your SD Card.

    2. Extract the "Balik Bayan Server.exe" anywhere in your Computer. Preferably somewhere easy to see.

    3. Run the Balik Bayan Server from your computer.
    [For Vista Users> Right Click on it > Run as Administrator.]

    4. Copy the IP Address Bellow the "Start Server"

    5. From your SD Card, go to the folder : _soulanger
    In there, Open "defaultIP.txt" and Erase then paste the IP address from before. Save the file.

    7. Go back to your "Balik Bayan Server" form your computer and click "Start Server" it will freeze to wait for the DS to connect.

    8. Then insert your SD card into your cart then run Balik Bayan DevWifi.nds

    9. Wait a while until you see the welcoming message from the DS.

    Click on the Enter button in the keyboard or the A button from the actual handheld. Make sure the IP is correct.

    10. If you did everything correctly the server from the computer will say "Recieved...hi server!!" And you can send the files form your computer.

    You can now browse then upload.
    If its an nds file it would automatically run. If not you can send another file.

    Note:This might take longer than having to do it manually but its less effort.
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    Between having this and ds lazy its a pretty perfect package to have for the nds.One to rip carts and one to upload nds roms.Cheers


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