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Thread: Black Screen Problem

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    Unhappy Black Screen Problem

    So... i have a new nintendo wii (clean) 4.1u LU72

    i was following the post of mauifrog and when i get to Step 1 of his 'softmod any wii' guide my screen turns black. I have already install the fix ios36-64-v3351.wad but my problem was not solved. I installed the IOS35-64-v3349 too. What i have to do? =/



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    Did you try any of the Alt downloads for the installer? Also you should post in that thread instead of making a new one. It's easier that way. Mauifrog will have a better chance of seeing it and can reply.

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    i don't even know what r those things .-. i'm very nb =3. But anyway, thx for your advise, i will post in mauifrog thread =]


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