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    Us Hello from GameKiller

    Hello, I am BlazinDonuts from

    I used to be a Super Moderator on GameKiller until I retired yesterday(8/6/2010), believe it or not.
    Anyways, I have recently soft-modded my Wii(about a few days ago, thanks to a tut on this forum) and would like to expand my knowledge on console hacking and maybe one day spread it to the members on GameKiller(we are considering on opening a subsection for console hacking).


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    Welcome to WiiHacks, BlazinDonuts. As a recently retired SuperMod or GameKiller, I know you will take the time to read through our guides, tutorials, and rules. Just a quick note that we are strict on rule enforcement; noteably a lot stricter than GameKiller on acceptable language. In part, due to the Wii being a family-oriented gaming console; we do indeed have young members (ages in the single digits) on our site. I'm sure you will see other differences, too-have fun exploring WiiHacks and thanks for stopping by.
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