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Thread: How can i prevent my new Wii from brickig?

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    How can i prevent my new Wii from brickig?

    Hi, i just bout a new black wii because my old one had a overheated GPU and the games looked horrible. the old wii has a modchip and it was softmoded and it had a usb loader and it was on 4.2u.
    the new one had the 4.2 update and i installed the fake sign ios 36 and custom ios 222 merged 38 in 37 and cios38 rev17 installer in ios 36. after that i installed the usb loader gx. then i saw a lot of people installing the so called preloader. i installed it and i got a huge surprise when i turned my wii on and tried to go to my wii system menu and a message appeared saying that the menu was corrupted. i instantly looked for a tutorial on how to uninstall preloader. one of the told me that i had to install the 3.2 and 4.1 menu again so i did. after that i bricked my wii. i went to the store and returned the bricked wii for a new one.

    the new wii is running 4.2u and it has the hbc and the fake ios 36 installed using dop-mii and custom ios222 using ios36 with 38 merged into 37 and cios36 rev17 in ios36 and the usb loader up running and i also uninstalled all the stub ios.
    now i want to know what should i stay away from? like ios updates or app like preloader.
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    With your past experience you probably don't want to hear this but the best way is to install Priiloader. Have a look here.

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    Take a look at this guide to help you prevent bricks.

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