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Thread: is it ok to update blue stickered d2pro9 v3 to fw 2.3?

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    is it ok to update blue stickered d2pro9 v3 to fw 2.3?

    i got my blue stickered d2pro9 v3.
    i installed it, put in the utility disk and it says my hardware firmware is v2.2 and my spi fw is 1.5.
    so i just updated my spi fw to 1.6.
    however, on d2pro site, it says if you have d2e drive and if your chip is blue stickered d2pro9 v3, don't update to fw 2.3.
    so what happens if i update to fw 2.3? will my chip get fried?

    i'm having a problem where after playing a game, if i try to put in another game disk, wii won't swallow it.
    i have to turn it off then turn it back on.
    it's getting very annoying.

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    The 2.3 update is only to fix issues with eject problems on the D2C2 and D2C consoles. You'll need the D2Prog & flat cable to flash the firmware to the chip.

    If you have a D2E system, then flashing the update will cause the chip not to be compatible with your D2E system.

    Are you using a clip or wire install? If a wire, then you can ask your installer (if (s)he didn't already do so) to route the CLK wire over the D2Pro's oscilator, and add a wire for 1.5V. Sometimes that helps.

    Best of luck

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    my installer already put clk wire over osc, but still having issues.
    when will d2pro team come up with a fix for d2e drives?

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