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Thread: Wii on 4.2 White Screen Hang

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    Wii on 4.2 White Screen Hang

    I have a Wii with 4.2U.
    When i Switch it on it goes to White scree with 3 dots on left side upper corner of the screen.

    But using a Drive Key & SaveMii i can play any game on it.

    No Bootmii or preloder installed

    Help needed plz.............

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    Is the Wii softmodded? Do you know what caused the white screen? Did you install any wads prior to this happening? It sounds like you have a bad IOS. Since you can play games, try using the lego indiana jones pawns hack to fix it.

    Post cvs report here if possible. If the Wii is softmodded with the system menu IOS patched, I can also send you a file to burn to DVD that will run Dop-Mii which you can use to restore.
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    It kinda sounds like a wrong System Menu region but look at my signature.

    edit: I knew I read this somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenAcres View Post
    --- Reposting to this thread as suggested by Krank ---
    I am having an issue when trying to access the Wii Settings menu. When I click 'Wii Settings', a white screen comes up and in the upper left corner is a dot and directly below that are two dots, 'Wii Settings' never comes up.
    My question is: What do I need to do to resolve the problem with Wii Settings.

    I have been searching for several hours now for a solution to my problem with the Wii Settings menu... Still no joy.

    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Your wii is semi bricked, you have the wrong system menu installed. What did you do? Not from this guide, something else. If you had 3.4u, you should have installed 4.1u. Your wii is set to usa, you can verify the settings using any region changer. Just extract to sd:\ and verify that all your settings are set to USA, then install 4.1u.
    This user had an issue with the settings menu but your symptoms are similar.
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