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    New Wii

    Just quick question.......

    my causin bought new Wii and he wants me to mod it for him... am i right in thinking that the Wii will probably got the new D3-2 chipn 2 chip that prevents playing backup DVD's and the only option is to external harddrive to mount the games and play it from there?

    another question (this one is for me)
    everytiem i go to the HomeBrew channel it asks me to update to 1.0.7 coz the one i got at the moment is 1.0.5, so is it safe to do that or it is NO NO?

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    The only way to know if he has a D3-2 drive is by opening it and yes it is safe to update the homebrew channel.

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    If it is new then it absolutely has the d3-2 or d4. So USB Loading is the way to go.
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    to my surprise the wii was on 4.2E and it did let me play backed up games so i gues it does not have the d3-2 or d4. thanks to the 4.2 guide i have done less than an hour.


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